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You are legally responsible, and solely responsible, for any content that you post on this   forum. All posts in this forum are for education, information, communication, and recreation. They do not comprise advice. Posts and any legal implications are the responsibilities of their authors, not of the forum owner, forum members, or AUTHORS. Members are expected not to defame, and when discussing text or other matter they feel may be defamatory are expected to treat the Moderator and members of this forum as neutral and not implicate anybody in any possible legal actions.


This forum is purely established for the purpose of the advancement of engineering practice and science and thus, it is apolitical in its contents and reporting. We hold no allegiance to any political party or movement except to report news items that affect engineering personnel, practice and policies.
Matters of religious beliefs are not within the purview and objectives of this platform and so are not entertained.

We hope that members will respect this position.


Our watchword states: “We all have a right to our opinions on any issue that may be posted in the forum. Therefore, we must have mutual respect for each other’s view points.   Our watchwords in this forum must be: TOLERANCE AND MUTUAL RESPECT. We should agree to disagree CIVILLY. We strongly discourage the use of uncouth and uncivilized language in this forum. Everyone should politely express his/her views whether for or against any issues bordering on our objectives.


Unless otherwise indicated, the blog is a proprietary property of Blue Apple Limited and all published contents/materials in any form contained therein are owned by the owner and protected by copyright otherwise where contents are sourced and acknowledged appropriately.

Except as expressly provided, you are prohibited from copying, reproducing, modifying, distributing, displaying, performing or transmitting any of the content for any purpose unless for your own individual non-commercial and information purposes only.

Thank you for your cooperation.