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Researchers: Riding A Motorcycle Improved Metrics Of Focus And Decreased Stress Biomarkers

"Stress levels, especially among young adults, continue to rise, and people are exploring pathways to better their mental and physical health. Until recently, the technology to rigorously measure the impact of activities like motorcycling on the brain didn't exist," said Dr. Don Vaughn, the neuroscientist who led the research team.

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China, Japan To Codevelop An Ultrafast Charging Protocol For EVs.

Two industry groups, Japan’s CHAdeMO and the China Electricity Council, which are the world’s strongest proponents of electric vehicles (EVs), announced in late August they would codevelop an ultrafast charging protocol for EVs. Now, the partners, under the supervision of both the Japanese and Chinese governments, are inviting other countries to join the endeavor. Their goal is

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