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Reform Of Engineering Education: A Strategy For Sustainable Economic Development In Nigeria (Ref. CS0078)

Introduction The history of engineering is the history of human civilization. Today's engineers not only build huge structures, such as the International Space Station, they are also building maps to the human genome . Engineering is one of the cornerstones of  STEM Education; an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to motivate students to learn about Science,

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Challenges Of Regulating Emerging Technologies: A Case Study Of Covid-19 And 5G Conspiracy Theory (Ref. CS0077)

ABSTRACT Technological emergence and advancement over the decades in information and communication technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, 3D printing, internet of things and the next generation telecommunication networks such as 5G, big-data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about immeasurable global transformation.  However, regulating these emerging technologies has been challenging for policy

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Reduction Of Distribution Losses, An Essential To Improve Power System Operations In Nigeria (Ref.CS0075)

ABSTRACT Power systems are extremely complex systems, comprising of generators, transformers, buses, lines, loads (motor) and the associated protection & control devices/circuitry. Power system engineering or operations in Nigeria deals with the business of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power (electricity). Each components of the power system of generation, transmission

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