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Stress Management; A Tool To Healthy Living (Ref. CS0090)

Introduction Health Talk Delivered At Society Of Engineers Health Education Summit. Health Is Wealth, How To Reduce, Prevent And  Deal With Stress; Coping With Stress May Seem A Bit Difficult. Stress Management Includes, Thoughts, Emotions ,Planning  And Ways To Deal With Problems. DR TUNDE AFOLABI MD/CEO, EMMANUEL MEDICAL CENTER OSOGBO Read full presentation below Stress Management A Tool To

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Comparative Study Of Results Obtained By Analysis Of Structures Using ANSYS, STAAD And MATLAB (Ref. CS0087)

Introduction The following discussion pertains to finite element analysis of 2 or 3 dimensional skeleton–like structures including trusses, frames, beams, etc. In general, trusses are structures whose elements can resist only axial forces. For practical purposes, all members in this discussion will be treated as beam elements capable of resisting bending

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Design Of Tall Buildings: Preliminary Design And Optimization(Ref. CS0086)

Introduction The design of tall buildings essentially involves a conceptual design, approximate analysis, preliminary design and optimization, to safely carry gravity and lateral loads. The design criteria are, strength, serviceability, stability and human comfort. The strength is satisfied by limit stresses, while serviceability is satisfied by drift limits in the

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