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Ways An Infrastructure-As-A-Service Model Accelerates Business Speed

Over the last 18 months, technology has enabled businesses to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, innovate and grow. However, as businesses adopt new solutions, companies must also address the challenge of increasing infrastructure complexity and outdated processes. Research from Dell Technologies and IDG reveals IT and business leaders across Australia and

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Oja, A Nigerian-Founded Grocery Delivery Service Secured $3.4 Million In Funding

LocalGlobe led the $3.4 million pre-seed funding round for Oja, a Nigerian-founded ethnic grocery delivery service. Acequia Capital, Tiny VC, and HoaQ Fund, a black angel group, also participated, as did investors from Sainsbury’s, Taster, Booking.com, Deliveroo, Trouva, and King.com. Oja, a Yoruba word for market, was founded in 2020 and sends

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A Strategy To Fabricate Organic Solar Cells Using Non-Harmful Solvents

Over the past few years, engineers have created increasingly advanced technologies to produce and store energy more sustainably. Solar cells made of organic molecules or polymers are among the most promising sustainable energy solutions, as they are typically thin, lightweight and flexible. Despite their advantages, most organic solar cells developed so

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