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Scientists Warn, Nuclear Waste Storage Methods Degrade Faster Than Previously Thought And Could Lead To Dangerous Leaks

Current nuclear waste storage methods are less stable than previously thought and could be leaking harmful radioactive material, scientists have warned. Disposal of nuclear waste involves mixing it with other materials to form glass or ceramics, and then encasing those pieces of glass or ceramics – now radioactive –inside metallic canisters.   These

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First Blue LED Emission From A Perovskite

Researchers in California have extended the spectral range of perovskite light-emitting diodes into the blues. How did they do it? By cracking the mystery of why the optical and electronic properties of the materials change when current flows through them. Painstaking measurements revealed that current-induced heating deformed cells in the semiconductor crystals. That

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Sense And Sensoribility

I’m writing a book about augmented reality, which forced me to confront a central question: When will this technology truly arrive? I’m not talking about the smartphone-screen versions offered up by the likes of Pokémon Go and Minecraft Earth, but in that long-promised form that will require nothing more cumbersome

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