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NCDMB, IOCs Pledge Support To Orbit Galvanising Plant

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board(NCDMB), and the international operating oil and gas companies alongside their service counterparts have pledged to support Orbit Galvanised Steel Industries Limited at Ikorodu, Lagos, a subsidiary of the African Industries Group (AIG). They came to this agreement on Wednesday when NCDMB executive secretary, Engr.

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Driving Toward Data Justice

As a person with a mixed-race background who has lived in four different cities, Amelia Dogan describes her early life as “growing up in a lot of in-betweens.” Now an MIT senior, she continues to link different perspectives together, working at the intersection of urban planning, computer science, and social

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Using Quantum Physics To Secure Wireless Devices

From access cards and key fobs to Bluetooth speakers, the security of communication between wireless devices is critical to maintaining privacy and preventing theft. Unfortunately, these tools are not foolproof and information on how to hack, clone and bypass these systems is becoming easier to find. That's why computer engineers at

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