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Get Back Your Lost Mobile Phone With IMEL

It could be frustrating when one loses a mobile phone either by misplacement or theft. This is because it’s always an uphill task to recover the phone. However, do you know that if you lose your MTN network SIM and your mobile phone, you can trace it back? A lot of people must have heard of the imel number but don’t know its usefulness. With imel number which has 15 digits, you can track your lost phone anywhere in the world.
How it works

*First of all, get your mobile phone imel number/code by dialling *#06# from your Mobile phone and the unique 15 digits number will appear on your phone

*Another means to get your phone imel number is to check your phone pack menu or instruction paper. At times the manufacturers do include in the menu the phone imel. This same imel number might be in a sticker paper attached with the phone panel. You can as well check this by removing the phone battery and check the white sticker attached with the panel (the engine of your phone). However, most mobile phone sellers do write out the phone imel number in the receipt of your phone given to you.

*Then put down this number in a secure place like a diary because this is the number which will help in tracing your mobile phone.

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Once your phone is stolen, all you need do is to e-mail the 15 digits IMEI number to cop@vsnl.net along with other details listed below

. *Name: (real name and not necessarily the name on your receipt)

*Address: (present address not necessarily where you bought the phone)

*Phone model: (model number of your phone…e.g. 3310, L6, 202, G471f, 302i,..)

*Make: (maker or product name of your phone e.g. Nokia, Tecno, Sagem,….)

*Last used No.: (last number you called or that called you i.e your last received or dialled number)

*E-mail for communication: (Your working email to receive feedback) *Missed date: (The date the phone was stolen or misplaced)

*IMEI No.: (Your copied imel number)   With all these details fully submitted, Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of General Packet Radio Services GPRS and internet. You will find where your hand set is being operated and the new user’s number will be sent to your email.

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