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We’re Taking Our Business Elsewhere, Says Huawei Boss

Huawei wants to go where it is welcomed, the company’s chairman Liang Hua told the Davos World Economic Forum yesterday.

We would transfer the technology partnership to countries where we are welcomed and where we can have collaboration with,” said Liang.

Asked whether Huawei could leave the UK, where it has a $3 billion investment programme, Liang said that was up to British consumers adding: a  “UK is the market that advocates openness and also free trade”.

“We will focus not just on countries but on where we are welcomed by customers. Because ultimately customers have the choice to make decisions,”  said Liang, “we offer better services to our customers on 5G. It is the customers’ choice if they don’t choose Huawei and we will focus our efforts on those customers who do choose us.”

Huawei continue its planned investment of $20 billion in each of the next five years, said Liang.

“This heavy investment in technological innovation does not only benefit Huawei. It is also our contribution to mankind,” he said

While the political storm rages around Huawei, Liang says it’s message is a simple one: the company says it

As the political storm surrounding Huawei continues to rage, Liang’s said the company’s message remains simple: “We will focus on providing value by offering the high bandwidth ultra low latency and high connectivity to our customers.”

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