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Intel Is $18.66bn Richer

Intel says Q4 revenue was below its October expectations due to a mix of weaker modem demand, the slowdown in China, cloud customers absorbing capacity, and the weakening NAND environment

In Q1 p, growth in the data centre  business and in the PC business is expected to be in the low-single digits y-o-y,

For the full year, Intel is forecasting revenues of $71.5 billion.

For the full year, data centre revenues are expected to be up in mid-single digits year on year and PC revenues are expected to be down in low-single digits.

Q4 revenue breakdown was:

PC, $9.82 bn,

Data Center, $6.1 bn;

IoT, $816 million,

Memory $1.11bn,

Programmables $612 million,

Other, $231 million

Desktop units  dropped 7% Q/Q and 8% Y/Y while ASPs rose 5% and 13%, respectively.

Notebook units dropped 10% on the quarter and grew 1% on the year with ASPs up 3% and 6%.

Data centre units fell 3% Q/Q and grew 9% Y/Y with ASPs up 2% and 1%.

  1. Source: Electronicsweekly

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