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Huawei Y9: A Photo Studio In Your Hand

Technology is a disrupter. It changes equations without recourse to the effects on the original order. Could you have imagined a portable photo studio let alone one you can carry in your pocket? Back in the days, as interesting as photography was, many people missed the opportunity of making it a career.

They couldn’t afford the equipment required to put up a studio. The large printers, heavy long lenses, gigantic cameras, hard to carry camera stands and fixed lighting points with large umbrellas covering them. Not only were they costly but they also needed a large space. But fast forward to 2019, technology has shattered all myths. Device makers like Huawei, full of crazy ideas, are ruling the world. Otherwise what would one say about its latest Y9 Artificial Intelligence, AI camera smartphone? It’s just a  photo studio in the pocket

Camera quality

The magic wand in this smartphone is its ability to create beauty in every shot through its four cameras. Dual front (16 MP + 2 MP) and rear (13 MP + 2 MP) cameras  have a keen eye for vivid detail. The camera can intelligently recongise scenes and is trained to see more than 500 scene types by creating 22 category labels to provide real-time optimisation. These, make pictures always look their best.

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Selfie in the dark

With the 16 Megapixel, MP 2.0 front camera, a user can create beautiful selfies even in low-light or backlighting conditions. The 3D lighting effects for portraits are enhanced with soft lighting, stage lighting, butterfly lighting and more with the beauty algorithm to produce studio-quality portraits.

Meanwhile, 1.8 rear camera allows up to 50 per cent more light for low-light photography and coupled with hand-held night mode. This camera has up to 6-second long exposure to help capture the beauty of the night and all details with minimal noise in a low-light environment.

The device spots improved chip components – the Kirin 710 octa-core chip which improves older generations, single-core performance by 75 per cent and multi-core performance by 68 per cent. The chipset’s power consumption is reduced by 30 per cent because it has 12nm process technology.

For game lovers, the device can help rediscover gaming with GPU Turbo. It has two times the GPU efficiency and a GPU performance increase to deliver a powerfully immersive gaming experience.

Wide screen and 3D arc design

For games, watching films or reading books, the device comes handy with a 19.5: 9 length and breadth widescreen, 6.5 inch full view display with high resolution and vivid detail that can deliver new  horizons of visual immersion. These are in addition to a finely crafted 3D architectural design that provides grip comfort.

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Battery life

For Nigerian users who are mostly concerned about battery power due to unavailability of steady power supply, the device may not be a bad option with its endurance large power capacity. It has 4000 mAh  battery capacity with smart power consumption optimisation, providing nine hours of videos or gaming, 65 hours of music and 14 hours of webpage browsing under a 4G network.

This gives the user the confidence to maximise the Histen 5.0 feature, which simulates surround sound, enhances bass frequencies and is optimised for headphone performance. There’s also a feature, Party Mode, which helps users share music, create a surround sound system with friends using several phones playing the same music synchronously on different sound tracks as a speaker array.

And you know what? Eye comfort mode is certified by TÜV Rheinland to ensure a gentle visual experience. One can stay up as long as he wants on the phone because this mode will filter out harsh blue frequencies and reduce blue light damage, as well as accommodate eye comfort in low light for those who want to read.

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