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Eye On Digitalization Of The Educational System

A sustainable digital transformation of any country starts with laying a solid foundation in its educational system which is the basis for human capital development.A sorry educational system no doubt will not bring forth skilled and innovative human capital required for economic advancement of the country.

As the country tries to pay dedicated attention to the fourth industrial revolution, to equip citizens with the necessary skills to thrive in a digital society becomes inevitable.

Chris Uwaje, director general, Delta State Innovation Hub, described digitalization of educational system as conversion of all forms of development through digital knowledge process from analogue format to digital electronic learning process at all levels. He identified things the country require in order to digitalize its educational system to include creative people, visionary leadership, active science, technology and innovation research, constructive strategy, responsive and sustainable infrastructure.

Amos Emmanuel, Chief Software Architect, Programos Software Group, said that digitized education frameworks bring about expanded knowledge sharing and collaborations between regions and institutions, which in effect accelerates citizens’ empowerment for innovation by skilled citizens who impact social innovation, integration of technologies into everyday life.

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Knowledge is power! Nigeria will be able to create and sustain a wealthy innovation-bed of innovation creators rather than as technology consumers only. As the WSA Eminent National Expert for Nigeria and Grand Jury member, we can point to a clear fact that the country’s innovation ecosystem, despite its numerous social-political challenges, is productive and growing in leaps and bounds as Nigeria has sustained consistency on the global innovation map rating of the UN World Summit Awards system that started in, Vienna, Austria 15 years ago.

He noted that Nigeria’s education system has greatly been influenced by recent advancements in technological developments, and recommended that policymakers, stakeholders alike ensure that educational institutions are regulated to ensure science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning in educational programs are digitized.

“As is applicable in other sectors, a technocrat with requisite expertise should be considered as information technology and education ministry ministers and not politicized. It is the high time our government steps up programmes to put an end to the epileptic power supply as the majority of the educational institutions across the country cannot take advantage of digitization with power programme still far below expectation.

“We need appropriate legislation to be harmonized with existing ones so as to promote an easy unambiguous regulatory framework to ensure our collective desires for sustainable education digitization is attainable,” he added.

Source: Guardian

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