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Things Your Laptop Can Still Do Better Than Smartphone

Smartphones have become very popular that many think that they can do anything and everything. This is not true. Before you give away or sell that old laptop without replacing it consider these things your laptop can do better than your smartphone.

Managing email

A lot of us now check our emails on our smartphones and tap out responses when needed, but is this really such a good idea? Try turning off notifications from your mobile email client for a while and see if you actually miss it. What’s certain is you can’t manage your email on a phone the same way you can on a computer. Take Gmail on the desktop web and Gmail on mobile, for instance. Here’s just some of the stuff you can do on the web but not your phone: Drag emails between categories, email groups of contacts, quickly switch between plain text and rich text, and send money with a message.

Getting online

Every modern browser comes with a mobile equivalent that will happily sync across browsing histories and passwords and bookmarks—but spend any extended time on the web and it’s clear the mobile experience just doesn’t stand up to what you can get through the browser on your desktop. Most sites are suitably optimized for online viewing, and so flicking through stories is straightforward enough.

Editing photos

Smartphone apps are good for adding filters on top of photos and that’s about it. If you’re doing anything more than uploading something to Instagram then you need to really consider whether a laptop or desktop is better for the job. First, you’ve got a much bigger screen to work with, and that means getting a better view of your pictures and the edits you’re making. Second, you’ve got the benefit of a keyboard and mouse—much more precise tools when you’re trying to cut out pixels or blend shapes or crop a particular area.

Writing and editing anything

Obviously, you can’t tap out your next great novel on a smartphone screen as easily as you can on a keyboard. But the benefits of writing on a computer rather than a mobile go way beyond the convenience of the input device. There’s the ease with which you can highlight, copy and paste, for example—the keyboard shortcuts come in handy here—which means you’re not hampered as soon as you want to do anything other than just type. Let’s not forget how simple a computer makes it get up multiple windows on macOS or Windows, making referencing and cross-referencing substantially easier than it is through the multitasking available on Android and iOS.

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