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2019 K Trade Fair: Plastics, Rubber Will Shape Global Future

2019 K Trade Fair: Plastics, Rubber Will Shape Global Future

PLASTICS have never been more widely discussed in popular media than today. All over the world, the visible pollution of our oceans has attracted major attention across the media landscape. At the same time, the fact that these materials have significantly contributed to prosperity, health and the safe supply of water, food and energy and not least to growing mobility and agile communication in modern societies hardly receives a mention”.

This is the position of the K 2019 exhibitor advisory committee packaging the forthcoming K Fair 2019 leading international trade fair for plastics and rubber slated for between October 16th and 23rd, 2019 in far away Messe, Düsseldorf in Germany.

This year’s trade fair is coming at a good time in view of the present ongoing debate and in the face of the global challenges concerning the potential management of resources, more efficient processing of plastics, their widespread collection, separation and recycling.

At the event, different countries are expected to gather at the trade fair to present and experience innovative developments, discuss trends and set the course for the future.

The fair popularly known as K and is held every three years and considered the most important industry trade fair with its engaging conferences, forums and unparalleled networking opportunities is not leaving out Nigeria for many reasons.

The presentation, a project of the German plastics industry spearheaded by PlasticEurope Deutschland E.V and Messe Dusseldorf, will allow the official programme of the K trade fair offering new insights and visions for exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of scientific activities and results in plastics and rubber- related research.

The organizers who recognized the strategic position and population of the largest popular African nation with its large rubber plastic potential, last week sent a high powered Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria led by Dr. Marc Lucassen to create awareness on the coming fair and the benefits awaiting Nigeria especially the individual citizens and companies interested in, or already involved in the sector in participating at the global event.

The coming of Nigeria to the event will enable compare notes and network with developed and developing countries of the world on the importance of keying into the rubber plastic sector to attract international market, increase the economy and positively raise the GDP of the country.

Also present at the awareness briefing in Nigeria was Sarsoli Industries, a Nigerian based plastics company manufacturing firm which will be exhibiting at the K Fair for the third time. When asked about why Sarsoli Industries continues to exhibit at K, Managing Director of Sarsoli Industries, Jaiprakash Changrani, who also spoke at the awareness briefing said: “ K is a trade fair that attracts a high caliber of visitors and exhibitionists in the plastics and rubber industry. It is an honour to be placed within that category of the best”. He also hopes to see a rise in the number of African exhibitors at K, stating that Africa has a largely “untapped but valued market potential for plastics and rubber”.

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According to the K 2019 committee, while “governments in industrial and emerging countries have reacted with product bans for particular plastic packaging products and disposables, no matter how effective these measures may ultimately be, the quest for protecting resources, efficient processing, widespread collection, separation and recycling of plastic sis still faced with major challenges. Especially, emerging countries Barbour significant potential for recycling systems for municipal solid waste.”

The coming trade fair in October,  will feature a wide abundance of companies from all over the world, the spotlight is not only on the major issues that concern the industry such as energy, resource and material but equally on niche segments.

While the over 3,000 exhibitors are expected to present their products and services, products and services that will be located in the different halls include: machines and equipments, raw materials, auxiliaries, semi- finished products, industrial components and reinforced plastics products.

About K 2019:

The K trade fair is the benchmark for the entire industry and its global marketplace for innovations where experts from all over the world of plastics and rubber come to meet, to demonstrate their industry’s leading edge and to inform visiting experts from the auto native industry, packaging, communication, construction, medical engineering and the aerospace industry about new and visionary areas of application for plastics and rubber materials.

The trade fair will underpin its special status not only by attracting the attention of the international industry, but will also tackle contemporary issues that confront the plastics and rubber industry.

Obviously, while humankind is facing significant global challenges ranging from climate change to digitizations which requires to be tackled by human expertise, the responsibility to conserve the planet for future generations becomes non-negotiable which can be attributed to why the world needs to approach this development with sustainable and pioneering solutions through the gathering of experts at the international plastics and rubber industry in Düsseldorf.

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According to the organizers, among the challenges to be addressed at the trade fair include: the proper disposal and re-use pose some of the more significant challenges that come with the use of polymers, plastics and rubber themselves are valuable materials, which ought to be produced in a sustainable manner and ideally be reused to create new, high quality products. This requires that the material design itself ensures a high recycling and maximum recovery rate of the products!s high quality constituents.

As recycled plastics are increasingly being used as alternative materials which have become an important starter material for new plastic products, the K 2019 fair will be in a position to tackle the challenges. In the 2016 K trade fair, 232,053 visitors from 161 countries attended the event.


Sustained global growth trajectory for plastics and rubber:

According to a statement issued in Lagos by the K 2019 exhibitor advisory committee in Lagos, the global success of of the industry is the most evident in the increasing consumption rate for plastics and rubber as processing materials, which, on average has risen by 8.5% per annum between 1950 and the 2017.

At present, growth rates may no longer be quite as impressive as they were in the period between the 1950s and the 1970 s, but annual growth rates of between 4% and 5% are still being achieved.

While acknowledging that the primary forces for global growth continues to be the increase of the world’s population and on the whole, the rising standard of living, the committee noted that the rising infrastructural and civil engineering activities also require the use of plastics for the supply of water, electricity and gas and much more.


The K 2019 fair is already highly anticipated by the entire industry which technological developments will be shown this time. One certain thing is that the members of the plastics and rubber industry with their abundance of innovative products will make a clear statement that the industry is perfectly prepared for the future. For the event, business and research are working hand in hand to provide visiting experts with an insight into future perspectives and scenarios that will shape the future of the plastics and rubber industry.

K is the performance barometer for the entire plastics and rubber industry, and remains at the forefront for global innovations. It provides and indispensable networking community of industry leaders, producers and consumers. In the wake of current debates concerning the potential management of resources and efficient processing of plastics, K 2019 promises to serve as an international platform for information, innovation and communication about the future of the industry.

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