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Honda Unveils First Unit Of HR-V Assembled In Nigeria

Honda Automobile Western Africa LTD has unveiled the first unit of HR-V assembled in Nigeria.

He noted that “all the assemblers, for now, are at the level of Semi Knocked Down, SKD 2 level. The local content from the point of view of Honda is more on the area of transfer of technology,” he said.

“A lot of Honda team came down from Japan to train Nigerian men, from the body of the vehicle to the engine were all assembled here in the country. Honda under this new launch has contributed to the area of transfer of technology.”

Adams also noted that “this vehicle is also key in our vehicle finance scheme which we have been advocating for. In other climes with better vehicle finance scheme, you put down‎ 10 per cent of the money, you get the car and complete the payment according to the design of the scheme.

According to him, “the initiative would aid the easier purchase of vehicles by Nigerians, while also enabling the growth of the Nigerian auto-policy which places a high premium on locally made vehicles as well as a finance scheme that makes a purchase of vehicles easier for Nigerian consumers.

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He also said the automotive bill would aid Nigeria’s auto industry. “Two things, we need to have the National Automotive Policy become a law. As you are aware, the auto policy is a set of fiscal incentives, which has been developed to support local production of vehicles.

“The only way we could ensure that Nigeria continues as a successful nation is to provide industrialisation and jobs. The only way we could provide jobs is to grow industries while supporting local and international investors to invest and produce in Nigeria,” he stated.

Jelani explained that the Automotive Policy is so important, as it supports local production.

“This is important as investors from Japan are in Nigeria producing in Nigeria. We are working together with the National Assembly to ensure the automotive policy becomes a law,” he concluded.

Source: Tribune

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