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Funke Opeke Tasks FG On Tech Ecosystem

The Nigerian government would have to do more in the tech ecosystem as her effort is not making a significant impact on its growth. The Chief Executive Officer of Main One, Funke Opeke said this at the Nigerian Communications Commission maiden edition of Emerging Technologies Research and ICT Forum while presenting the lead paper titled Developing Nigeria’s Tech Ecosystem: Imperative for Improving Local Content.

While stressing the need for awakening, she mentioned that the time to focus on inclusive local content in technology, economic prosperity, job creation, and digital security in the future is now.

She challenged the Nigerian private sector to take the initiative of investing in graduates and undergraduates in the universities like the western counterparts and sighted such companies like Google and Cisco who employ thousands of Stanford graduates.

According to her the ideas that birth these companies were actually founded in the universities. She implored the government to strengthen its roles in the tech ecosystem, by encouraging the private sector as the tech ecosystem is largely built by the private sector.

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