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Reasons Blockchain Will Have A Big Effect On The Healthcare Sector

Blockchain technology will help to safeguard data integrity in the healthcare sector

Whether you’re exposed to the technicality of blockchain technology or not, you have the thirst of implementing something new in your healthcare industry, which can build trusted patient care, data integrity.

Hats off to the “Wow” idea which you carry on your mind to improve the lifespan of every individual in the world with a sophisticated, healthy lifestyle!

Blockchain is a decentralized, shared public/private/hybrid digital ledger which is used to maintain records across the authorized network users.

In real-time example, it can be compared with land ledgers maintained by governments.

Benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare

Blockchain technology can pave the way for the pack of solutions to the existing healthcare sector problems.

Major problems of the health industry are data interoperability, patient identifier, maintenance of medical records, the appropriate supply chain for drugs and much more.

Now let’s just look into the top 3 areas at which blockchain can uplift the healthcare industry!

Data integrity of patients

Even though there is advanced technology in medical sciences, no patient record is uniquely identified. Every record is maintained as like fiat methods!

Instead of paper records, the entire healthcare records can be maintained through blockchain technology which will vanish the problems of unique patient identifier and decentralization of patient records.

Blockchain can identify the patient with its feature of hash value and crypto algorithms!

As a healthcare professional, you may think that patient records must be private!

Blockchain professionals can provide you with customized solutions with a private, public and hybrid variety of blockchain technologies according to the requirements of the industry!

Yes! For example, drug usage and harms can be shared in the public network whereas drug compositions, specifications, and much more information can be shared to health professionals alone. Depending upon the needs of health sectors, blockchain can provide great solutions!

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Every sister concern of the healthcare industry, however, requires the patient record to serve them better. Pharmacists, radiologists, lab technicians, and other healthcare professionals require patient records from physicians.

If the patient records are maintained on the decentralized platform within accessible users, then it can make the jobs of pharmacists, technicians job easier.

Also, patients can easily identify whether the drugs provided are prescribed and recommended by the physicians, medical associations.

Do you think data integrity can only help patient care? It can do much more for you professionals!

Research scholars and clinical trials data integrity

Data integrity for a group of patients can enable researchers, scholars to get in touch with treatment plans or they can provide solutions or clinical drugs according to their history of records.

Patients can easily get the solutions in the network if some drug has been discovered or proved as a curative for that disease.

Proper standards, rules & regulations can be maintained when the industry is on the decentralized platform!

Supply chain traceability transparency

In the medical sector, many scams are due to breakage of the supply chain of medicines, drugs and other products.

Implementation of blockchain will increase trust among people and can help manufacturers track their stock info available in the retail market.

If the expiry dates of medicines, drugs reaches, then pharma regulators can deploy those harmful medicines into wastes, so that patients are not served with these medicines.

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