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Importance Of Quality Assurance Testing And How Outsourcing Can Help

Quality assurance (QA) testing allows companies to analyse their code over time and make sure the processes are in place for a successful product.

Companies need to make sure that the product is heading in the right direction during development.

Thus, having proper documentation and processes in place can alleviate headaches later.

It gives a fresh set of eyes on procedures already in place and allows critical assessment of product development.

It also includes making sure the product is compatible across various devices, operating systems and browsers so that the experience is the same for all users.

Stress and speed tests for performance are also necessary.

By outsourcing such testing, companies can focus on their strengths rather than have to continually fine-tune operations and development to meet market needs.

A global market, a global workforce

The nice thing about today’s market is that it is a global one.

Thus, companies can hire remote teams with offshore or nearshore modalities, to outsource various operations they have no time for in-house.

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QA testing is a perfect example.

Imagine the efficiency gains of having your developers wake up in the morning and realize debugging or stress tests were completed the previous night by a remote team with suggested changes ready for implementation.

Such coordination is possible.

Even offshoring just some of the QA testing operations is worthwhile for the simple fact alone that it will open up your product design to a fresh set of eyes.

These testers can give suggestions on how products are designed and offer suggestions for processes that may work better for you. It also means that the product has a higher chance of success once it is released globally.

A fresh set of eyes helps

There are many different product development cultures worldwide, and by offering a multinational force of testers, your development project can gain great insight.

However, it all comes down to efficiency productivity.

This also improves your chances of predicting errors before they occur.

A larger pool of testers also ensures greater productivity and obtaining a higher quality end product.

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Buggy product launch equals bad PR & lost sales

You do not want to be panicking in the end because of a broken software or glitches caused last-minute as the product is shipping.

This does happen. Gaming is an industry that is ripe with such product launches.

Many gaming software houses still fail with buggy releases.

However, gaming isn’t the only industry suffering from bad releases and buggy code at launch.

Nowadays, we can run software updates to alleviate such problems, but the bad PR will still be there at product launch causing you lost customers.

You would not want to make promises and not follow suit with them, such as operating system compatibility or moderate system requirements.

Consider outsourcing some of your QA testing processes to make the best software product you can in the end.

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