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Using AI To Transform E-procurement In Nigeria

ProcureEase Solutions Limited, a procurement tech company set up with the purpose to lead digital procurement transformation in Nigeria with disruptive technology, consultancy and training has announced the release of her new AI-powered eProcurement solution, ProcureEase.

ProcureEase is a cloud-based, multi-tenant e-procurement platform that combines the power of Automation and Advanced Analytics to promote digital procurement, reduce procurement cycle time, eliminate errors, improve vendor-buyer collaboration, and generate actionable insights from organization’s different lines of spend.

Salami Kadir, founder, while announcing the product said, “Our mission is to enable faster and effective procurement in every organization by using advanced technologies to build a data-driven procurement solution.

“We understand that procurement is now a more business-driven function and that is why the bed-rock of ProcureEase is data analytics. Leading companies and nations across the world are looking beyond just saving the cost of purchase from procurement. They are also looking for insights from their procurement, that can help drive innovations as well as reduce their time to market to ensure they maintain their market leadership, and that is where ProcureEase is stepping in. We are not just automating the tactical aspect of procurement; we are also using Artificial Intelligence to derive insights that guarantees decision making by Chief Executives, in projecting the future of their enterprise.” said Salami.

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Gbenga Olatoye, a Digital Procurement Specialist with ProcureEase, while giving a brief of the solution said, “the fact that manual procurement can no longer meet business demand in this fast-paced economic landscape is no longer new. Manual procurement is time consuming, expensive and impedes quick decision making and growth. Any organization looking to compete in this era must be able to move at the pace of its competitors, at the very least.

“At ProcureEase, we are not just giving Procuring organizations enough leverage to compete, we are giving them an edge to remain at the top with a solution that uses their data to show them where they stand and how they are doing”.

ProcureEase is built with the required functions needed to transform traditional procurement to agile procurement starting from planning to requisitions, online submission and evaluation of bids, and proactive supplier relationship management. ProcureEase also offers organizations a 360-degree view of their performance at any point in time by presenting their data on the dashboard.

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