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Nobe 100, Three-Wheel Electric Car That Can Park Vertically On Walls

A new electric car called the Nobe 100 has three wheels, can park vertically on walls, and is “so beautiful you’ll want to lick it”, according to its inventor.

Billed as the “world’s most sustainable car”, the Nobe 100 from Estonia is said to be fully upgradable and recyclable.

It has a range of 260 km (160 miles) on a single two-hour charge, and because it is fully electric, it is exempt from road tax and many parking restrictions.

The car weighs just 600kg – less than half the weight of the lightest Mini – and can accelerate from 0-62mph in less than six seconds, with a top speed of 130 kmph (80 mph).

It can also be driven off-road, with power going to all three of its wheels, technically making it an all-wheel drive.

It even has an in-built espresso machine.

However, perhaps the most unusual feature is its “gecko-style” parking technology, which allows it be parked vertically on the side of a wall using a parking rig.

This is designed to save road space and increase security, according to the company’s chief executive Roman Muljar.

“Our aim was to at once reinvent the car for a greener future, and at the same time celebrate its history as an icon of design.

“We call it ‘neo-vintage’ and the result is a car so beautiful you’ll want to lick it.”

He added: “Growing up in Soviet Estonia, we developed a certain resistance towards oppressive or controlling regimes and the car industry quickly began to represent exactly this kind of machine.

“Sustainability felt like our base target with Nobe, we want to have a net positive impact on the world.”

It is requesting a minimum investment of £16, with incentives ranging from discount guarantees on future models to quirky merchandise.

Source: Mirror

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