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Finding The Perfect Mentor: What No One Ever Tells You About

What No One Ever Tells You About Finding The Perfect Mentor It is undeniable that mentoring is important for anyone who wants to climb the ladder of success –and rightfully so for many reasons.

A mentor’s job is to help guide and train you for obstacles and even future successes. They are the sensei of the modern-day workplace. But more than that, a good mentor can help you network with the right people and make it easier for you to climb that ladder.

Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, Richard Branson had Sir Freddie Laker, and Mike had Harvey Specter (even though this one is fictional).

But here’s the truth about mentoring: It’s all about luck.

It took me years to figure this out. Finally, after an hour of a coffee conversation with an experienced executive coach, I was sure of it.

Finding a good mentor is so difficult that some companies even offer to provide them to you for a staggering amount of price. Really. Google it.

There’s nothing like being able to find a great mentor or to be able to afford one, but here are alternative ways that can help you push forward, realistically.

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Stop actively looking for mentors

If you’re someone who is just stepping into the corporate field and don’t have the luxury of good contacts, stop believing that you will find the right mentor.

Mentorship is not an entitlement.

This is what books don’t tell you –and is generally the case.

Create value, think long term

Adam Grant in his best selling book Give and Take, which talks about adding value to other people’s lives, said, “Being a giver is not good for a 100-yard dash, but it’s valuable in a marathon.”

If you are looking for a mentor, you must also be the mentor for other people by adding value to their lives. You can become lucky and find a good mentor within a few months, but if you’re not a good mentor to others, there’s no point in finding a mentor, as it leaves nothing for future growth.

Adding value does not simply have to be big, like passing high-quality contacts. It can be as simple as sharing advice, experiences, or even going the extra mile in building relationships.

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If you want a mentor, become a mentor first.

If you still can’t find a mentor, learn from everybody

Try to observe the best qualities of everyone.

Bosses, juniors, co-workers, friends, even janitors. Apply the lessons in your daily life and always engage your mind with a learning mindset.

Because let’s face it, to find your dream mentor is like finally being able to get hands-on your dream car.

Since it is hard enough to find that one mentor, make life easier by learning from everyone around you.

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