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Engineers See Potential In 5G, Says Tech Key To Nigeria’s Development

Engineers in the field of electronics have thrown their weight behind the need for Nigeria to deploy 5G technology. The engineers, under the aegis of Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (NIEEE), said despite false claims that have impacted the deployment of the technology globally, the developmental potential is huge.

As such, the body said Nigeria should not be left out of the opportunities that come with 5G technology. Speaking at a Zoom meeting on the topic “Expert Insights on 5G Concerns”, the National Chairman, NIEEE, Kings Adeyemi, noted that the technology has and will enable many opportunities when deployed.

He explained that every new generation of mobile networks has its excitement and skepticism, “but I must say that coronavirus are not transmitted by Base Transceiver Station (BTS). 5G signals are not bio-agent, and that EMF for 5G network cannot transmit viruses. Lots of misinformation are out there that must be corrected if we are to move forward as a country.”

According to him, there is the need for a roadmap for the development and deployment of 5G in Nigeria, stressing that 2025 will be a major landmark for the technology globally. “As such countries, which failed to prepare for this generation of technology may not be compatible with developments from other countries of the world.”

“This meeting has become imperative to hold in view of what is going on in the country, especially the call by the Senate on the Federal Government to suspend 5G deployment. It has become obvious that the NASS are in need of knowledge and sensitization on the technology,” he stressed.

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Though he affirmed that 5G has not been deployed in Nigeria, “that doesn’t mean we should not plan ahead. I think no matter what, there should be a roadmap now. 2025 is going to be a major landmark for 5G development across the globe.”

Making reference to the GSMA, the NIEEE Chairman said the telecoms body said Nigeria’s 4G deployment has not reached an average, 3G also is not 100 per cent deployed in the country, “so am sure there is no 5G for now. This is even more dangerous because we risk been left behind. We stand with science to say that no harm in 5G technology.”

In deploying 5G in Nigeria, Adeyemi said 5G is a cloud network, which will be boosted with IPv6 technology during deployment.The NIEEE chairman, who disclosed that the development around 5G started in 2012, said the criteria for its deployment include that there should enhanced mobile broadband; ultra reliable and low latency communication; massive machine-type communication, among others. He said improved service speed brings mobile Internet to the masses.

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