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DNV GL Endorses Shell’s Carbon Capture Technique

DNV GL has qualified Shell’s technology for a full-scale demonstration project to remove carbon emissions at a waste-to-energy conversion plant in Oslo.

Gassnova, Norway’s state agency for carbon capture and storage projects, is supporting the project, which tested Shell’s CANSOLV CO2 carbon capture technique at Fortum Oslo Varme’s plant at Klemetsrud.

The long-term goal is to capture around 400,000 metric tons/yr (440,924 tons) of CO2 at the site for subsequent injection into subsurface geological formations west of Norway.

This will help the country meet its target of reducing emissions by close to 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

The Varme plant incinerates domestic and international sorted household and industrial waste. Excess heat is used to produce district heating and electricity.

DNV GL worked with Shell and Fortum Oslo Varme to verify application of its recommended practices; DNVGL-RP-A203 Technology Qualification and DNVGL-RP-J201 Qualification procedures, for carbon dioxide capture technology.

These practices are said to provide a systematic approach to technology qualification in a way that ensures traceability throughout the process.

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