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Disruption 2020: Apple-Fi To Deliver Internet High-Speed Worldwide For Up To 90% Off

Silicon Valley, California. DISRUPTION 2020: Apple-Fi to deliver Internet high-speed everywhere in the world for up to 90% off ($4.99).” (The big buzz going around the valley since last evening).

Above is one of the best news I have heard since the slice bread machine around the Valley.

But what does this mean to you, the rest of the people around the world, and the remote villages of Africa? HUGE GAINS.

Let me start with the broader gains this disruption brings to Africa and African people in their remote villages.

In 2018, there was a report that poverty has dropped drastically throughout all regions of the world except in Africa. That led to this CNN report “Nigeria overtakes India in extreme poverty ranking.” One major reason given by the earlier report was the availability of uninterrupted supply of Internet in those regions which African countries didn’t enjoy at the time. If governments in Africa are not going to be a bottleneck then poverty may be dropping soon in Africa.

Apple-Fi is set to disrupt an estimated $251b cable industry slashing subscription prices on the average from $132 per month to just $4.99. Phone subscription rates to also drop.

I learn this is going to disrupt 5G and color it obsolete before it even started. AT&T, VERIZON and T-MOBILE all invested billions into 5G and stand to loose big time before taking off around the world.

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Apple-Fi needs No towers and transmitters because it works without cell towers.

No more will you be screaming “do you hear me?”

No more “the person you’re calling is not available” when you’re sitting just near by.

No more roaming fees anywhere you go around the world.

No more drop calls

Just one flat price

By the way, I also learn Apple-Fi just beat Elon Musk to the punch. Cost reduction and sustainable business are the bane of Musk’s work. I expect my man to come up with his magic for consumers to enjoy this competition,

Contributor: Dr Eno Adams

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