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NERC Explains Inaccurate Electricity Billing

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, yesterday, attributed inaccurate billing of consumers to poor installation of prepaid meters in Nigeria.

The Commission, which identified poor training of installers as an additional factor, has emerged with new guidelines for the certification of Energy Meter Installers in the nation.

The Commission also lamented that its guidelines on the installations were not complied with by the installers.

In a statement yesterday, the Commission said, “Despite the existence of the Guidelines, faulty metering installations still persist, which results in billing errors as well as safety hazards with adverse effects on human life and property.

“In consideration of the above, the Commission has approved the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria, NAPTIN’s curriculum for training Meter Installers as the minimum benchmark for training and retraining of Professional Meter Installers in the NESI.

“All prospective applicants as Meter Installers in the NESI shall provide evidence of training from NAPTIN or any other NERC approved training institution whose curriculum on meter installation is not below the NAPTIN’s benchmark. The Meter Installation Training Certification from NAPTIN or its equivalent as may be approved by NERC, is a prerequisite or requirement for the issuance of NERC Professional Installer Certificate for new (intending) applications, this is effective from 1st August, 2020.”

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