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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Becomes World’s First $200 Billion Man

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth hit $202 billion on Wednesday, making him the first person to cross the $200 billion threshold in personal wealth.

CNBC reports that according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos has become the first person to cross the $200 billion threshold after seeing his net worth grow to $202 billion on Wednesday. Bezos’ personal wealth is largely based on Amazon stock which has increased massively in value in recent years along with eh company’s share price.

In 2018, Bezos became the richest man in modern history when his personal wealth hit $150 billion, now valued at $202 billion he is $78 billion richer than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man.

Amazon shares hit a record high in April due to massive consumer demand during the coronavirus pandemic as many turned to Amazon for essential deliveries including groceries and medical protective gear such as masks and hand sanitizer. The surge in demand saw Amazon’s revenue top $88.9 billion in its second quarter, the firm also reported better-than-expected profits despite spending billions of dollars on coronavirus-linked investments.

In May, Breitbart News reported that a study from the business analysis firm Comparisun stated that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was likely to become the world’s first trillionaire after seeing his net worth grow on an average of 34 percent over the last five years.

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Comparisun’s projections show that Bezos could reach trillionaire status by 2026 based on taking Bezos’ average percentage of yearly growth over the past five years and applying it to future years. Following Bezos, the next several likely trillionaires are Chinese tycoons, including Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba.

Source: Breitbart

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