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Google To Launch New Business Ethics To Software Developers

Tech giant Google reportedly plans to offer ethics consulting services such as spotting racial bias or developing guidelines around AI projects to software developers.

Wired reports that tech giant Google has plans to expand its cloud computing division, now rather than just selling access to its cloud computing services the company wants to invite its customers to learn more about ethics relating to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Google plans to launch a new AI ethics service before the end of 2020, offering other companies advice on issues such as spotting racial bias in machine learning datasets, or developing guidelines that instruct AI projects. Google is also reportedly considering offering an auditing service of customers’ AI systems for ethical integrity.

The Silicon Valley giant currently lags behind Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing industry and attempts to advertise its AI expertise as a selling point in the cloud market. By expanding their business to include ethical audits, Google could potentially spawn EaaS, ethics as a service, as a whole new business model.

The company has faced its own number of AI issues, in 2015 Google apologized and blocked its Google Photos app from detecting gorillas after one user reported hat the app applied that label to photos of him with a black friend.

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Thousands of Google employees protested the company’s Pentagon drone contract, Project Maven, in 2018. Shortly after the protests over Project Maven, Google released a set of ethical principles for use with its AI technology.

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