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A videoconference Solution As Easy As Your Morning Coffee

It’s 8am and you head straight to the coffee machine for your morning brew before heading into the day’s meetings. If you’ve made a wise purchase, your coffee machine creates the perfect blend every time.

You sit down in the meeting room and prepare the videoconference products – cameras, microphones, conference platform. But there’s an issue. Something isn’t working. Wouldn’t be nice if videoconferencing worked as smoothly as your coffee machine?

Creating the perfect brew is an art and a science – and when it comes to technology, HP and Jabra know exactly how to serve it right every time.

The two companies have created a video collaboration that is as straight forward as your morning cup of coffee: One touch of a button and your meetings are enhanced by audio and video delivered by trusted names in communications technology.

Pairing Jabra’s PanaCast suite with HP Slice G2 can provide a plug-and-play solution that makes videoconference as easy as pushing a button. Jabra’s 4K video technology can provide 180° viewing angles, which means everyone is included, no matter where they’re seated (and it’s perfect for social distancing safety too).

Now, video meetings can be as straightforward and engaging as live meetings. What’s more, they can work with all leading video and audio conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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