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Zungeru Power Plant Reaches 88% Completion

The $1.3 billion Zungeru hydroelectric power located in Kaduna State, has now reached 88 per cent completion, with December 2021, set as the date for its inauguration.

Minister of Power, Mr. Sale Mamman, who made the disclosure in an infographics updating the country on the extent of work, stated that 700 MW would be injected into the national grid by the time the project becomes functional.

Designed to generate about 2,630GWH annually, Mamman stated that the project comprises a composite dam with roller compacted concrete, asphaltic core rockfill dam, diversion work, spillway and plunge pool, power intake and penstocks as well as tall race channels.

In addition, the Zungeru works, he said, has 330/132 transmission lines evacuating power to the existing grid connecting Jebba and Shiroro power plants as well as the Tegina substation and further consists of four Francis turbine units.

Mamman stated that while the overall progress of work has now been put at 88 per cent, dam civil works have reached 98 per cent and electrical as well as hydro-chemical works have hit 75 per cent.
He disclosed that the project was being funded by a counterpart financing mechanism, with the federal government having paid up its entire share of $309,250,000.

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In addition, he stated that over $1 billion has been paid till date, of the entire $1.293 billion contract being executed by Mssrs CNECC Sinohybrid Consortium.

Still on the financing of the project, the minister said that a loan of $984.3 million was taken from the Exim Bank of China to rev up the country’s power infrastructure.

While expressing excitement over the project, Mamman said the work started in 2013, while the overall completion was set for December 28.

“I am excited to announce that we will be injecting about 700MW of electricity into the national grid by December 2021 from the Zungeru Plant barring any unforeseen developments.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver this project in December 2020 as planned due to the global pandemic which meant workers on site had to be away for the better part of last year.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to completing all inherited and initiated projects,” Mamman assured.

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