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World’s Most Powerful 1,500V Solar Inverter

Sungrow has upped the output power of its 1.5kV solar string inverter to 352kW, ~40% more than its previous generation, making is the world’s most powerful at 1500kV, according to Infineon.

Why is Infineon talking about other company’s products? Because it is supplying the silicon carbide mosfet modules used inside.

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Sungrow and leverage our technology expertise in the area of renewable energy,” said Infineon president of industrial power Peter Wawer. “Our expertise on technology and production allows us to tailor solutions based on customer needs while giving support during ramp-up.”

The inverter supports a ac/dc ratio of up to 1.8 and is compatible with 182 and 210mm solar modules with a maximum current of 20A – allowing the use 600W and higher solar modules. “The device can operate stably in extremely weak grid conditions,” said Infineon.

Weight is 110kg and the inverter has twelve MPPTs (maximum power trackers) at 40A – allowing two strings per tracker.

The enclosure is IP66 sealed and forced-air cooled.

Source: electronicsweekly

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