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5 Ways Startups Can Effectively Leverage Cloud Agreements To Drive Growth

If you’re a small business owner that’s unsure of how to start, here are tips to building cloud resiliency through cloud agreements

Amidst a bold new future of digital leadership, cloud systems are the driving force powering digital transformation today, but they can also be an overwhelming proposition.

According to Alibaba Cloud’s ‘Cloud in Asia’ survey conducted in November 2020, while Singapore tops cloud adoption in ASEAN with nearly nine in 10 organisations in Singapore using cloud services, the issue of cost and security concerns remain.

However, through investing in and harnessing the right technology, startups can worry less about compliance and focus more on strategic growth plans. If you’re a small business owner that’s unsure of how to start, here are five tips to building cloud resiliency through cloud agreements and scale your business.

Prioritise a digital culture

Today’s leaders must live, breathe, and drive the right digital mindset, skillset and cultural changes to reimagine how the business is being operated in the new market reality. A digital culture will empower your talent to collaborate and grow in their roles and help nurture innovation and unlock business growth.

Ensuring employees possess both the relevant skill sets and have an open mind to upskilling is the key to success. That’s why it’s essential to offer appropriate training and development as part of the roll-out.

It’s also beneficial to identify tech evangelists that can set a ‘digital culture example’ and help inspire other employees to embrace digital processes.

Establish a connected ecosystem

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A “system of agreement” refers to the functions associated with preparing, signing, acting on and managing agreements, so building connectivity between all these functions is critical.

Especially for startups, it’s crucial for business leaders to ensure that cloud agreements are integrated into existing CRM, ERP, HCM, office productivity and other applications that are already in use.

Through system integrations, agreement workflows can be embedded into employees’ applications. This will create a more holistic business model aimed at improving productivity and a better employee experience.

We recommend that organisations take the time to assess their current business processes and identify the specific steps that can be optimised.

This way, leaders can use a targeted approach to weed out costly and timely inefficiencies and replace them with a more productive workflow that’s seamless, risk-free and compliant.

Efficient data management

Legacy agreement processes are often manual and fragmented. As a result, data is stored in multiple systems (both analogue and digital), creating exposure to risk and infringement of data integrity.

To unlock business growth through data, businesses must first understand the purpose of data collection and the know-how that data is being utilised within the organisation. This will weed out inefficiency in the customer service journey and provide a seamless experience for your employees and customers.

The data should be captured and stored in a secured manner that doesn’t compromise the trust and privacy of the information.

With cloud-based agreements, data is not only easily stored and retrieved but typically also tracked through a complete audit trail of change history. More importantly, your customers can now fully trust your business model as they are reassured that you put customers first in a compliant manner.

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Capacity at scale

With the rise of e-signature accelerated by the pandemic, customers expect speed and convenience at their fingertips. Primed to deliver this experience, cloud agreements act as a hub to coordinate and connect with related systems and processes.

This helps create capacity, which frees up your team to focus on high-impact wins for the business rather than administration.

Your employees can be empowered to work efficiently on the go, on any device, at any time, at their convenience. This constant connectivity also helps to close business deals at a quicker pace.

Improved reliability and security

Companies run on agreements, and continuous availability of agreement cloud software is necessary for mission-critical business applications globally. It’s not an option to be down for maintenance or unanticipated problems.

DocuSign, for example, delivers 99.99 per cent platform availability, regardless of the time of year, day of the week, time zone or country.

Today’s business challenge is designing a hybrid workflow that keeps all the benefits of traditional office life without sacrificing the productive, employee-centric aspects of remote work.

As a business leader, you must constantly stay ahead of critical decision-making to keep the business moving forward with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

It’s time to tap into the Agreement Cloud and build the most robust flexible work systems to kick-start your transformation.

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