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Challenges You Could Face When Fixing An iPad

When your iPad stops working properly, it can be tempting to try to fix it yourself to save time and money. You might even try to drag a friend into your money-saving scheme.

However, taking these repairs into your homes is not without its dangers. There are lots of things that can go wrong when you don’t have skills, knowledge or expertise required to fix your iPad.

This can lead to your iPad malfunctioning or not even functioning at all.

Instead of risking it, you could leave the repair in the capable hands of an experienced technician and avoid destroying your iPad.

Keep reading to find out some of the issues you might come across when trying to fix your iPad.

Complications of iPad repairs

There’s a reason why people end up specializing in iPad repairs – it’s complicated and requires a lot of knowledge.

When someone inexperienced tries to embark upon repairing an iPad themselves, it can lead to a lot of mishaps because specialist tools and equipment should always be used, and chances are you’re not going to have these things just lying around your home.

For example, the right adhesive type is crucial especially if you have had to open the iPad’s cover and housing.

The iPad is made of many delicate pieces – when they are put together properly, they are strong – however, when separated, one wrong move can ruin it all.

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One of these delicate pieces is the flex cables and logic board. If the housing of the iPad needs to be opened to perform a repair, if not done carefully and properly, these complex cables can be damaged. Even IT experts have had difficulties in maintaining the integrity of these cables. We’ve even come across iPads that we haven’t been able to fix because of a botched repair job by someone who specialised in working with computers instead of iPads. They had disturbed these cables and rendered the iPad unfixable.

Another complication of repairing iPads is the specialist tools and heat pads required when removing the glass of your iPad. You need the right temperature to be able to separate your iPad from its glass, as the adhesive needs to be softened using heat. However, you can’t let the iPad get too hot as you run the risk of overheating the iPad, ruining the components, LCD and battery.

If you’ve had to remove the screws in your iPad, you need to ensure you’re putting the right ones back in their right place as forcing the wrong screw can lead to damage of the logic board or battery which is essentially unable to be repaired.

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Finally, another complication that can arise is whether you leave the power on or turn the iPad off at the right time. If you turn it off when you shouldn’t, you might blow out the blacklights which will impact the LCD or you could short circuit the logic board as well.

Leave the iPad repair to the specialist

Repairing an iPad is no simple task – what we’ve talked about today are only some of the issues you can cause if you try to take on this challenge without expertise.

Even if a repair seems simple or straight forward, working with a professional technician will save you money in the long run. You run less of a risk of incidental damage, and an expert’s repairs may ensure the longevity of your device.

Luckily, finding an iOS certified technician to repair your device doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, if you’re in Sydney, you can find one that comes to you. If you’re looking for iPad or mobile phone repair Sydney, the expert technicians at Fone Teknician are the team for you. They will keep your iPad and mobile devices in proper working order.

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