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Why Technology Is Key To Content Creations

Technology has been identified as very crucial to content creators in Africa to tell their stories globally. This was the submission of experts, yesterday, in Lagos, at the 2022 AfricaNXT week, a yearly event with the theme: “Reimagine Now, Co-create Next”. AfricaNXT was formally known as Social Media Week.

Speaking at a session moderated by Editor of The Guardian on Saturday, Chuks Nwanne, the panelists noted that the Nigerian content creation industry has evolved into a globally recognised one and there is an increasing number of young content creators.

Speaking on the sub-theme: ‘The Changing Faces of Content Creation in Africa : How will our stories be told in the next 10 years,’ Public Relations Manager at Vskit, Abimbola Badmus, said that due to the advent of social media content creators no longer have to depend on television station, to project their contents.

She said that now content creators could use Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook among others to create visibility for their contents.

“Technology has really given us an edge and there is a lot more we intend to achieve in the next 10 years,” she said. Similarly, Chief Executive Officer of Big Cabal Media, Tomiwa Aladekomo, said technology has helped the Nigerian content creation industry to evolve.

He noted that now a lot of young content creators were springing up with prominent roles and ideas because technology has provided an opportunity for them to tell their stories on a global level.

Aladekomo said “storytelling matters a lot and as Africans we should tell more of our stories,” adding, “we need to ensure our narratives are created by us and not outsiders.”

He noted that the content creation space was a very critical one, adding that more young people should key into the sector as a way of generating revenues for themselves.

The Chief Executive Officer of Collective Media Services, Yinka Obebe, said that the awareness for content creation became more prominent in 2016 especially with social media.

According to him, content creating was about storytelling, hence it would exist forever as people would always tell their stories.

“As civilisation becomes more imploding people are sure of telling their stories and printing it in the sands of time,” Obebe said.

Source: Guardian


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