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Adobe Unveils World’s First Content Supply Chain Solution

At Adobe Summit 2023 – the world’s largest digital experience conference – Adobe announced its content supply chain solution. This comprehensive offering empowers brands to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale while driving experience-led growth.

For most organisations, the content supply chain – producing and delivering the content that fuels effective customer experiences – is a web of disconnected workflows, teams and systems that often break down. Yet, at the same time, content demands are multiplying.

In a recent Adobe study, 88% of marketing and CX leaders said content demand has at least doubled over the last two years, and nearly two-thirds expect demand to grow by five times over the next two years. As a result, many brands are paying spiralling costs, missing revenue opportunities and dealing with team burnout while struggling to deliver engaging customer experiences that drive real business impact.

“Content is fuelling the digital economy, and Adobe is the only company with the expertise and portfolio to optimise both content process and performance,” says Amit Ahuja, senior vice president of Adobe Experience Cloud platform and products at Adobe. “Our new content supply chain solution will support brands in delivering powerful experiences that translate to business value – transforming how they compete for customers and talent.”

The world’s largest brands trust Adobe to help them create and deliver engaging content and experiences to their customers. This is because only Adobe provides the full range of industry-leading creative and experience applications, integrations and services necessary to support every step of the content process, from planning and production to delivery and analysis.

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Adobe’s new solution equips brands to build high-functioning content supply chains that deliver the growing quantity and variety of effective, personalised content customers now expect while providing experience leaders with unparalleled visibility and control across operations and costs.

Adobe’s comprehensive content supply chain solution drives measurable business outcomes by connecting people, processes and technology to deliver customer experience success at scale.

Adobe’s solution will further accelerate content creation by deeply integrating Adobe Sensei GenAI, Adobe’s new generative AI services, into creative and marketing workflows. By enabling customers to rapidly generate new variations of images, marketing copy and layouts, creative and marketing teams can test and deliver more campaign content across more channels. In addition, images and text effects generated with Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s new family of creative generative AI models, will be designed to be safe for commercial use.

Adobe’s content supply chain solution combines Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager (Sites, Assets and segmentation and content profile services from Adobe Experience Platform), and Adobe Express for enterprise and Frame.io as an array of integrations and services.

The new Adobe experience manager features simplified content development, bringing authoring capabilities into commonly used tools and empowering anyone to become an experience creator. Additionally, AI-powered insights tell brands why each audience segment responds to specific content and experiences.

The newly announced Adobe Express for enterprise integrates with Adobe Experience Manager to make creativity accessible, allowing anyone within an organisation to easily create, share and review on-brand content, relieving pressure on design teams.

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New Workfront capabilities visualise campaign plans with a marketing calendar, drive efficiencies in budget management, automate content variations and analyse how content contributes to marketing goals to enable optimisation.

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Adobe has always been the way apps and platforms work together”, says Todd Shimizu, vice president of global digital marketing and media at Cisco. “It was always imperative to me that we aim for a true transformation – that means people, process, and technology. There was never any question about what comprehensive content supply chain solution we were going to use. We wanted to be best-in-class and that meant working with Adobe.”

“Adobe’s content supply chain solution helps everyone involved in creating and activating content stay connected and work faster,” adds Ephraim Gerard Cruz, director of operations and software initiatives lead at Xfinity Creative. “Creatives can stay focused on creating, and our executive leadership has the real-time visibility and strategic insights they need to make quick decisions around everything from cutting costs to more effectively meeting customers’ needs.”

In addition to working directly with customers to help them build and optimise their content supply chains, Adobe is also partnering with top global consulting firms and media agencies to provide best practices and solutions, transforming their clients’ businesses and their own.

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