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NESTEC 2023 Instruction

Blue Apple Educational Foundation (BAEF) has the objective to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation, STEI through organizing of the National Engineering Science Technology Essay Competition (NESTEC) among others. The competition is organized for engineering students AND STUDENTS WITH BIAS FOR TECHNOLOGY BASED SCIENCE. The mission is to harness the untapped potentials and groom our youths to develop capacity in research and technical paper/essay writing in line with global best standards.

NESTEC 2023 is in its 4th edition with improved criteria.

The objectives are;

  1. To unlock the untapped potentials among our youths in the field of engineering science
  2. Promote research among students
  3. Encourage and develop capacity for technical paper and essay writing
  4. Introduce the students into mainstream trending and advances in engineering science and technology
  5. Create global opportunities for students to showcase their talents.

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