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10 AI Tools That You Should Be Using In Your Business

We hear a lot about AI, and there’s no question that this technology will have a great impact on our businesses in the next few years. But what about now? Here are 10 AI tools that you can use today to help increase productivity and hopefully profits.

1. ChatGPT

This is the conversational chatbot created by OpenAI that started the hype late last year and it really does have a lot of things a business owner can be hyped about. Use it to write blogs, suggest better ways to create emails, analyze your website to improve search results, do advanced math, create HR policies and a number of other functions. You should also play with OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 app which can create images using text commands (i.e. “a horse standing by a river.”) that can be used on company communications or your website.

2. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI (and ChatGPT is hosted by Microsoft servers) so a lot of ChatGPT’s functionality will soon be part of the Copilot app which can already be used with Bing searches but will also be a major part of Office in the next year. You’ll use Copilot to analyze spreadsheets, create templates, update presentations and even have it attend Teams meetings on your behalf.

3. Google Bard/Duet

Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT and Duet is the application that will use Bard’s underlying Large Language Model to power Google’s business apps in a very similar fashion to Microsoft Copilot. The release of these features is expected within the next six months, but already Gmail is using Bard’s AI to help write emails and check grammar.

4. Crayon AI

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Very similar to Dall-E, Crayon is an advanced image generator that uses AI to generate art, photos, drawings and other graphics directly from your text descriptions. The quality is excellent and the variety of choices is seemingly endless. Use this for images on your website or other promotional content.

5 – Heywire.ai

If your business is heavily into content, Heywire is a powerful content generator that uses AI to glean information from the Internet and automatically turn it into stories, articles and other blog forms. The application uses real-time, journalistically validated data that you can publish. The tool can help further establish you and your company as a thought leader in your industry. It can also establish multiple “personalities” for whoever you want to be seen writing and creating social posts based on the content it generates.

6. Eightify

Ever bump into a really interesting video and then see how long it is and then say to yourself “I don’t have the time.” Eightify solves that problem. This AI app will watch the video for you and then summarize it into specific points of interest. As a business owner, we often have to wear all the hats. Which means we have to be knowledgeable about a bunch of different subjects. There’s so much great content on video that can help us run our business and with this app, we can absorb much more information than ever before.

7. Temi

I’ve been using Temi for years and, as a writer, swear by it! It’s a powerful AI-driven transcription service. I upload audio and video recordings I’ve made and within minutes, Temi transcribes it into words — and it’s close to flawless. Transcribing a 10-minute recording costs just a few bucks too.

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8. Feathery

Need a good, professional form for your business? Maybe a job application? A quotation template? A request form for people visiting your website? Feathery uses AI to create professional-looking forms in just minutes. You can save and edit forms as you create them and customize them for your business. All of this is done through a natural language interface.

9. Interview.ai

Want to prepare your prospective employees for a job interview? Or perhaps you’re a freelancer or remote independent contractor that’s scheduled to speak with a prospective client. Interview.ai uses AI to walk you through the conversation in advance. Its mock interviews will help you hone your speaking skills and its algorithms generate interview questions that are tailored to the job and to the industry. The platform promises to deliver customized questions that are both technical and situational, all based on the information you provide beforehand.

10. Opus Clip

So many of us are using video in our businesses for campaigns, case studies, testimonials or just to generate some buzz. The videos go on our website but of course, we want to do more with them. That’s where Opus Clip comes in. Using their AI-generated platform you can upload a long video and it will break it down into shorter, more digestible clips that can then be posted on social media or included in your email campaigns.

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