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TikTok Is Using New Tracking Software To Keep Tabs You

There’s nothing to excitedly dance about for U.S.-based TikTok employees who have been ordered to return to office — and now management is implementing an internal tracking tool to ensure workers are showing up as expected.

According to a new report by the New York Times, TikTok has begun using an internal software called MyRTO (presumably to stand for My Return to Office) that keeps track of how many times an employee swipes their badge at the office.

Employees who show “deviations” — a.k.a. not showing up in-office when expected — will be questioned, and “any deliberate and consistent disregard may result in disciplinary action.”

Both HR and management will have access to their MyRTO data.

MyRTO is built into TikTok’s internal software, a representative for the company confirmed to Gizmodo while also confirming its usage to track employee attendance.

“The MyRTO tool, which was announced and rolled out this week, allows employees to view their own personal data, capture valid out-of-office business reasons, and correct inaccuracies when needed,” a TikTok spokesperson told the outlet. “The ultimate goal of MyRTO is to provide greater clarity and context to both employees and leaders regarding their RTO expectations and in-office schedules as well as help foster more transparent communications.”

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TikTok employees were asked to return to the office last October.

In January, the company reportedly threatened to fire employees whose home addresses didn’t match close enough proximity to their designated office location. The message was reportedly sent to employees’ internal messaging service, Lark.

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