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Zuckerberg’s AI Chatbot To Feature Over 25 Personalities

Meta has unveiled a new series of AI chatbots for its Messenger service that aims to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Speaking at the tech giant’s annual Meta Connect conference, the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, pictured, announced its AI chatbots will have “personality” and be played by celebrities and influencers. 

Kendall Jenner, Charli D’Amelio, Dwyane Wade, MrBeast, Naomi Osaka, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady are some of the celebrities who have partnered with Meta to play the AI characters, which will all have specific identities and hobbies. Paris Hilton’s Amber is “a detective partner for solving whodunnits”, while Tom Brady’s Bru is described as a “wisecracking sports debater who pulls no punches”. 

The goal is for the Meta AI virtual assistants to be able to answer queries or craft responses in a fashion similar to ChatGPT and other programmes. The personalities will be accessible via Meta’s messaging services – including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram – and only in the US for the time being. 

“This isn’t just going to be about answering queries,” Zuckerberg said. “This is about entertainment.”

In addition, Meta also announced plans to launch an AI studio where users can custom-build their own AIs. Users will be able to access the assistant and any created within its new AI studio from any of Meta’s messaging platforms.

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During the conference, Zuckerberg also unveiled Meta Quest 3, the newest version of the company’s virtual reality headset, and reiterated his belief that the future of the internet lies in the metaverse.

Meta’s announcement came on the same day as rival OpenAI announced ChatGPT’s ability to browse the internet to provide users with current information. Previously, the AI chatbot was only trained to use data from up to September 2021.

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