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iphone Hack That Give You ‘Unlimited’ Battery Life

Everyone knows the stress of hoping you have enough battery life on your phone to last you the day.

Once you get that “low power” pop-up, it’s practically game over.

But one tech enthusiast — who goes by @t_sply on TikTok — discovered a “fool-proof” to save your iPhone’s battery and give it “unlimited power.”

The trick will thrill those who have been complaining about a fast-draining battery with the latest iOS update.

All you have to do is go to your iPhone’s settings, tap Accessibility and choose Display & Text Size. From there, turn on the Reduce White Point setting.

The more you want to save battery, the further you should move the slider, reducing whites on the screen as much as possible.

The only catch is that when using your phone in bright or sunny places, this setting will make it harder to see the screen.

Even not in the sun, some users could potentially find it harder to read their screens with the setting turned on — but there’s a solution.

Thankfully, Reduce White Point and Brightness are two different entities, so you can play around with both until you find the perfect happy medium to keep your battery life longer while still being able to read your screen without trouble.

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Overall, reducing white point will help not only with battery life but also with reducing eye strain and limiting screen time before bed.

However, some people weren’t convinced.

“Then u can’t see nothing,” one person pointed out.

“I can barely see,” another wrote.

“And then people can’t see their phone to bring the screen back to normal,” someone quipped.

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