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Embrace Technology To Address Healthcare Challenges –Tijani

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani, has advocated the adoption of technology to address healthcare challenges in Africa.

Tijani made this disclosure during an event co-hosted by GAVI and Zipline at the just concluded World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Tijani said, “There is an urgent need to empower governments to harness available technologies and increase investment in connecting and empowering people with access to information.”

He emphasised, “Innovation flourishes when we create environments that nurture and amplify its impact,” saying “It’s about fostering ecosystems that enable us to not only address challenges but also scale solutions across the African continent.”

The Minister cited Rwanda as an example of where government-led initiatives and supportive ecosystems had driven successful innovations that effectively addressed various issues in the country.

Despite the presence of various facilities, inadequate connectivity has hindered development potential.

Tijani remarked, “Connectivity is the lifeblood of progress. We need to ensure that the veins of development are strong and interconnected, reaching every corner of our continent.”

The minister emphasized the urgency of creating ecosystems that facilitate development, while ensuring that necessary infrastructure supports investments.

He acknowledged the investments made by Zipline, describing the same as catalysts for technological advancement and overall development.

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Tijani stressed the necessity to invest in essential infrastructure and establish supportive ecosystems, envisioning a future where Africa effectively addresses its challenges and accelerates development.

Zipline recently introduced drone technology for distributing essential medical supplies to healthcare facilities in Nigeria.

Zipline’s drones cover distances of about three hours by road in less than 35 minutes, significantly improving the quality of care, patient outcomes, and healthcare providers’ satisfaction.

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