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2,433 Mobile Phone Subscribers Port Among Network Operators In 4 Weeks

2,433 mobile subscribers ported out of their networks in November, 2023, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed.

NCC, in its latest industry statistics, disclosed that the most hit is 9mobile, as 1,646, representing 68 per cent left 9mobile to other networks, followed by MTN and Airtel, losing 274 (each) of their customers to other operators, with Globacom recorded 239 outgoing porting.

On incoming porting, which means the number of users porting from another service provider’s network into a service provider’s own network, the data disclosed that, MTN, which is the largest operator by subscriber number, gained more customers from other operators.

Out of the 2,433 incomings reported in the month, MTN received 1,470 customers from other networks.  Airtel also received 668 customers from other networks, while Globacom gained 211 customers from other operators.

However, 9mobile, which lost a significant number of customers to other networks also recorded the least incoming porting as only 84 subscribers moved to the network in the month under review.

The movement (porting) of subscribers was achieved through the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) instituted by the telecoms regulator, which allows customers to change their service providers without changing their numbers.

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