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LG Reveals Self-Driving Smart Shopping Cart That Can Follow You Around The Store And Even Keep An Eye On Your Spending

LG hopes the technology, which it refers to as a 'smart-cart robot,' will free shoppers from the usual hassle of having to push their grocery cart around as they peruse the aisles. 'The LG CLOi CartBot eliminates the worst part of grocery shopping: standing in lines,' LG explained. 'This shopping companion and trolley

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Standing In For A Kidney, Mxene Materials Can Be Used To Filter Urea, Could Give Dialysis Patients The Freedom To Move

Dialysis can temporarily replace the function of the kidney while patients await a transplant. But it can also impose quite a few limitations on the quality of their life -- effectively tethering patients to a dialysis machine and likely a medical facility. It's such an imposing sentence that some people

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