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How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria with Only N,5000 Naira or Less

How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria. Are you unemployed and thinking of how to earn a living even with a meagre amount of money? Are you considering of how to start importation business in Nigeria even with your little money?

Well, I wish to inform you that you are now in the right place as I will show you all you need to do to start importation business in Nigeria with as low as five thousand (5,000) naira only and completely transform your life for the better.

Yes, you read that right. With just five thousand naira you can start importing things into the country and obviously become one of the importers in Nigeria.

Now, I would not want to limit this piece on how to start importation in Nigeria with just 5,000 as you can invest even more into it, and I will tell you how.

You can import mobile phones, computers, tablets, kitchen utensils, office equipment, home appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, toiletries and other things you may wish to import at amazing prices.

I guess you will be wondering how possible that is – relax, until you r done reading this n I bet you’ll be glad you did. Please note that importation can also take place on large scale but I will be focusing mainly on small scale because that is my area of interest.

Now pay attention as I take you on a journey of how to start importation business in Nigeria.

Follow these steps to Start Importation Business in Nigeria

1. Have an area of interest and create a market for it

As an intended importer there must be an area of business that interests you. Yes, remember that you will have to sell most of the things you will be importing.

Therefore, you must devise a means to sell them. Think of how to seamlessly create a market for your new products.

Also, you can think of how to develop people’s interests towards the things you will be importing. Do you wish to import mobile phones and computers?

Do you have people you can easily sell them to? These are very important questions you have to ask yourself as well as answer before embarking on this venture.

Now that you have been able to answer these questions, you can now progress into the next stage of how to start importation business in Nigeria.

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2. Open an account and link it to Internet banking

If you do not have a domiciliary account which is very rare not to have among many Nigerian youths in 21st Century, you have to open one for yourself.

This will enable you buy things online and sell to interested buyers with huge discounts that will make them ask for more of such products from you.

After opening your bank account, ask that it is activated on the Internet so that you can do Internet banking. Some transactions will require you to have a transaction token for additional online transaction security and MasterCard/Visa card.

So, you must request for them. Therefore, as a beginner who is interested in how to start importation business in Nigeria, you must have a functional bank account linked to the Internet. When you are done doing this, move to the next step.

Apart from domiciliary account, some banks such as Zenith Bank and GTBank do give MasterCard Debit card to their savings account customers. You can still use this card to make online purchase.

Visit Amazon.com create an account with them. But before that, also ensure you have a functional email address.

Ensure that you carefully put in the details of your name that you used in bank account. This information will be important for banks to accredit the accounts of the online malls.

Note that Nigerian banks will not honour your request to pay these online companies if there is a difference between the spellings of the names you used to open your bank account and the name you used while signing up on the online mall website.

Stop reading! Visit the websites , create account with them and continue. Since you are thinking of how to start importation business in Nigeria, I have given you the tested and trusted websites such that you may not need to search any further.

Just do as I have instructed to go to the next step.

4. Place an order

Visit Amazon, use the computer for a better view. To try how genuine what I am discussing with you is, try to check the prices of the items and convert it to local currency, Naira.

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I am sure you will notice that the prices of their goods are by far cheaper than what average Nigerian shops sell similar goods.

Well, if you still doubt me, find out the price of such goods online and/or walk down the street where you are and find out how much they sell similar goods.

I trust you will be shocked by what you have found out by now. Check to see where you can select wholesale and add to cart if you wish to buy a lot of things together.

After that, you will proceed to make payments. This is a very important stage in how to start importation business in Nigeria. Remember to place order for things you can easily sell or things you have created a market where you can sell them so that their sales do not tie down your capital

5. Paying for the goods You want to Import 

This is another important in the series of steps on how to start importation business in Nigeria.

6. Take delivery of your order

Taking delivery of your order and confirming that everything is in good shape is the final step of how to start importation business in Nigeria.

If you noticed that your goods are damaged, some companies give you the option of returning it and you will have the transaction reversed.

Therefore, you must go to FAQ and privacy policy tabs of the website to know more how the company functions before placing an order and making payments.

Ensure you know the ZIP codes of the Nigerian state where you live or where you would like your goods delivered to you. This will enable the courier man to delivery it promptly at the address of choice.

Also, you have to give accurate information about yourself so that your goods do not get missing in transit.

There are goods that enjoys free delivery from Amazon to Nigeria. Other good attracts delivery fee.


As I have explained in this piece on how to start importation business in Nigeria, you must strictly follow these rules to the letter.

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