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Telecom Operators Worried By Right Of Ways

Telecommunications companies that have been licensed to deploy metropolitan optics all over the country have raised concerns over high cost of Right of Way as well as vandalism of fibre optic cables.

Speaking at a broadband engagement forum in Lagos on Thursday, they also complained of the uncertainty of return on investment since the cost of RoW would likely raise the cost of broadband services.

The Nigerian Communications Commission had licensed six infrastructure companies to provide metropolitan and wholesale transmission services on a non-discriminatory, open access and price regulated basis.

They are Infraco Nigeria Limited (MainOne) for Lagos; Brinks Integrated Solution Limited for the North East region; and Zinox Technology Limited to deploy in South East Nigeria.

O’odua Infraco Resource Limited was given approval to lay telecom infrastructure in the South West region excluding Lagos and Fleek Networks Limited was licensed for North West Nigeria.

The Head, Regulatory Services, MainOne, Mr Ifeloju Alakija, highlighted limited infrastructure protection; high cost of infrastructure deployment and operations; high cost of capital and restricted access to forex; and multiple taxes and levies as major bottlenecks hindering the progress of the project.

He said, “The plea is that we may have a standard of right of way. The NCC had gone to great length to speak with the governors at the Governors’ Forum. But we are yet to see the ripple effect of this. Is it possible for the government to look at it from the backend perspective rather than an upfront perspective?”

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