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5 Mobile Radio Frequency Monitoring Equipment Launches By FG

The minister, who said that the equipment was worth nine million dollars, added that it would guarantee effective spectrum management in the country.

He said that the project would not only stem irregular and illegal use of radio frequency but would ensure that users complied with the guiding laws and regulations.

According to Shittu, the project will ensure that radio frequencies are protected and used according to the guiding laws.

He said: “The project was embarked upon to enable the ministry to stem irregular and illegal use of the scarce radio frequency spectrum resource for judicious, efficient and equitable utilisation by competing radio communication services.”

He promised that the ministry would do its best to utilise the equipment to improve spectrum monitoring activities and frequency management functions to minimise incidences of harmful interferences.

He said: “With these facilities in place, the ministry has the capacity and capability to detect, identify and locate the source of transmission and is therefore able to determine if a frequency user is duly licenced or not.”

Shittu added that radio spectrum needed to be managed well for its efficient, judicious and equitable use by radio communication services to drive socio-economic development of the country.

He said: “The services include aeronautical, broadcasting, maritime, mobile communication, radio navigation, satellite and space research.

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“The radio frequency spectrum has diverse applications in agriculture, artificial intelligence, education, health, banking, commerce, manufacturing, robotics and many other human endeavours.”

Radio frequency monitoring is a means of investigating the use of the radio frequency spectrum. It is also used in detecting and identifying the direction and source of electromagnetic emissions and possible location of a radio communication station and equipment.

The minister, therefore, explained that the national spectrum management system would be used to create database of all licensed users and platform for carrying out spectrum management functions which included engineering analysis and monitoring control activities.

He said that the project also included two Denial of Service equipment to serve as one of the enforcement tools that may be applied to deny services to non-compliant users of the frequency spectrum.

Shittu urged Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), as well as private individuals and organisations that use the frequency spectrum to enhance communication and transmission of data within their organisation.

He advised them to ensure they first obtain the requisite authorisation from the ministry to use the radio frequency spectrum before they procure and operate any radio communication equipment.

In addition, those presently using the frequency spectrum without due authorisation should formalise their status of operation or face sanctions, he advised.

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Onawo Ogoshi, chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Information Communication Technology, said that the importance of the project cannot be overemphasised.

He commended the ministry for achieving the feat and urged the minister to ensure that the project was put to best use.


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