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Tech Employees Anxious About Layoffs At Snapchat, Ebay, Tesla — Survey

Who’s afraid of a looming layoff? Blind, a social network that anonymously connects employees with others in their workplaces, asked its users that question last week, and nearly 9,000 responded.

Overall, the news was good—64 percent are feeling their positions are quite secure right now, answering “No” to the question, “Are you worried about layoffs at your current company?” But that sense of security isn’t spread equally across the tech industry.

 Among the most worried are tech professionals at Tesla, with 77 percent answering yes, followed by eBay (72 percent are worried) and Snapchat (71 percent are worried), SAP and VMware (some 66 percent are worried at both). Over at Cisco, PayPal, and Intel, about half of the respondents are concerned about possible layoffs. Meanwhile, such thoughts aren’t keeping too many tech workers up at night at Uber (20 percent), LinkedIn (15 percent), Facebook (12 percent) or Google (11 percent).

Worried about layoffs at your company?

Percent of tech workers who answered yes, by employer
Tesla Motors 77.22, eBay 71.88, Snapchat 71.25, SAP 66.28, VMware 65.77

Oath/Verizon Media 61.11, Oracle 60.2, Cisco 50.51, PayPal 49.48, Intel 48.21

Nvidia 36.96, Apple 33.33, Microsoft 32.22, Adobe 30.83, Amazon 27.72

Salesforce 24.36, Uber 20.3, LinkedIn 15.17m Facebook 11.53, Google 10.76


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