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4 Simple Ways To Build Customer Service Through Social Media

The growth of social media has been phenomenal over the last few years. Users on social platforms are continuing to increase and their usage has never been so high.

According to research, around 67 per cent of online users now use social media platforms to get in touch with companies for support and help. In today’s society, what users say online is extremely important, and as a business, you should be listening to what they have to say before responding effectively.

Responding effectively to what customers have to say through social media is a great way to build better relationships and can provide benefits for customer value in the long term. Here are the top ways you can help to do it.

Pick the ideal social media platforms for your business

In business, when it comes to picking the right social platforms, you need to ensure the ones you choose are suitable for your company.

Where some might be ideal for some, it may not be for others. You need to discover where your audience is and choose that necessary platform.

Being present on a platform where the majority of your customers are can enable you to give the best experience for support to your customers.

Keep on top of social media mentions

We’re not saying gorp at your screen 24/7 as you watch each mention come through to your account.

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But, it’s important to monitor social media mentions so you can reply to your customers and also understand how powerful your social media platform is.

Use the right tone of voice

How you present yourself online is massively essential, which means you have to come with the right tone of voice for your audiences.

However, you can come across obstacles such as word counts on Twitter, which can prove challenging to get your full message across. The best way to go with the right tone of voice is to adjust your tone of voice with the customer you interact with because not all are the same. Consider the following points:

– Does the customer use emoticons or slang?

– Could the customer potentially be from a different country and therefore not completely fluent in your language?

If you’re able to pick up on the customer’s cues, it can make adapting your tone of voice much more easier.

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Go offline if you need to

Although it’s reiterated that listening to your customers through social support is essential, it’s also sometimes necessary to take mentions offline as not everything can be resolved on social media.

For example, being restricted to how much you write or requiring sensitive information from the customers. In which case, you have the option to use different channels such as email or phone.

How you approach this is important, as simply telling them to call or email can come across rude. Instead, continue to use the same friendly tone of voice and explain to the customer that you’re looking to move to other channels to ensure that the issue they have is resolved.

Fantastic social media support is a great way to grow your business

Your social media presence and how you interact with your customers is key to helping your business grow and create loyal customers for the future.

Hopefully, this post provides you with an indication of how you can do it through your social media.

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