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Mobile Connectivity: AMN And Intelsat Reach Significant Milestone

On August ending 2019, Intelsat, an integrated satellite communications company, and Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), a mobile network infrastructure company, announced that they have reached a milestone in bringing mobile connectivity to unserved areas and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The companies announced their partnership in the fall of 2018 and since then have connected approximately 525 remote cell sites. They have a goal of expanding mobile coverage to other parts of sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2019.

“As both a global corporation and a global citizen, Intelsat is committed to investing in accelerating the adoption of mobile connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa — and throughout the world — and closing the digital divide. Through this partnership, we are now providing access to mobile coverage for the first time to approximately 1.7 million people living in remote communities across several countries that many [people] thought were impossible to connect,”

Intelsat and AMN have said that the cost of expansion and geographic complexities in remote rural areas in Africa make it difficult in establishing connectivity for the businesses, communities and individuals who are based in these regions. AMN claims to have developed a low-cost solution that is powered by a highly-reliable, small-cell, solar-based system that can be quickly deployed in less than six hours. This solution also utilizes Intelsat’s satellites and 23 other satellites that cover the African continent.

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“Intelsat shares our vision of installing a cell site in every African village. Like us, they recognize that when you close the connectivity gap in sub-Saharan Africa, you can bring about significant positive change in people’s lives. Using Intelsat’s technology, our two companies can make that vision a reality,” said Michael Darcy, AMN chief executive officer.

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