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Super Wealthy Ready To Abandon Earth As Virgin Galactic Demand Soars

Forget about fleeing New York — the rich are ready to leave the entire planet.

Around four in 10 people with net worths of $5 million or more are interested in paying $250,000 for a ticket to space with Virgin Galactic, according to a new survey.

The analyses by Cowen estimated that with 11 spacecraft carrying six passengers each, Richard Branson’s far-out tourism venture could be flying 3,400 people per year by 2030, CNBC reported.

″We believe a substantial growth opportunity lies ahead with the commercial spaceflight business, which already has [around] 600 reservations,” Cowen analyst Oliver Chen said.

Right now, demand is so high that Virgin faces “supply constraints to serve all interested individuals,” the investment firm said.

Among those who’ve already bought tickets are Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, according to Forbes.

The trips will blast wannabe astronauts to the edge of space for aerial views and “several minutes of true, unencumbered weightlessness”  — before jettisoning them right back to Earth, according to the company’s website.

The company’s SpaceShipTwo commercial space shuttles are set for launch next year.

Virgin Galactic’s stock surged following the publication of Chen’s analysis, MarketWatch reported.

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