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Youtube Announces $100m Fund For Creators And Artists U.S. ,Nigeria, Others

2020 has been a difficult year, to say the least. With the Covid-19 pandemic finally beginning to show signs of improvement, however, it is expected that there will be a second wave. In response, many organizations within the music and media industries have made attempts to address the issue in their own way.

For instance, some celebrities do giveaways for their fans or for those in need on social media. However, one of the most significant of these responses was made by YouTube, who recently announced a $100m fund designed exclusively to promote content produced by people of colour, known as the Black Voice Fund.

YouTube is launching a multi-year, $100 million fund dedicated to amplifying and developing the voices of Black creators and artists. The fund will be focusing its efforts on creators within the U.S., Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

According to YouTube, the Black Voice Fund is created to “help amplify fresh narratives and content that emphasises the intellectual power, passion and joy of this brilliant community, including Black economic equity and wellbeing, we have created the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund.”

The $100m fund which was first announced by YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcici, in June is now officially named as #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund.

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Over the next three years, the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund will be used to acquire and produce YouTube Originals programming focused on the Black experience, and to directly support Black Creators and Artists so that they can thrive on YouTube.

Alex Okosi, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, YouTube EMEA, said the following in a statement “Our goal is to expand funding to more countries over the course of the next three years,”

“Additionally, we hope to provide a consistent drumbeat of educational training, workshops, and community events to Black creators and artists globally.

‘’The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund is part of the work currently underway to ensure that YouTube is a place where Black artists, creators and users can share their stories and be protected.’’

Interested artists and creators can apply for funding Here

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