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UK Plans Space Tug To Clean Up Orbiting Junk

Skyrora, the Edinburgh rocket company, has completed a successful test firing of  the upper stage of its rocket Skyrora XL.

The rocket is intended to be a ‘space tug’ that could tow satellites into different orbits, replace old satellites and clean up space junk.

 Skyrora’s plan is to launch a rocket in 2022/3 which will be able to deliver payloads into orbit – and perform tasks such as replacing redundant satellites or removing junk.

‘It’s important to show that even in challenging times we are still a nation that continues to innovate and take the lead in some lofty ambitions,’ says CEO Volodymyr  Levykin.

The upper stage can refire its engine several times allowing it to conduct multiple missions during a single trip, making it highly configurable.

As well as acting as a space tug, the rocket can be used for putting satellites into orbit.

source: electronicweekly

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